Chosen Space the online MMO RPG/Strategy game with a strong focus on community.


Hi, I'm Torin Solo, the creator of Chosen Space.
Thanks for coming and visiting the site, but I'm afraid there's not much to see right now.
A fully revamped version of Chosen Space with all new graphics and game play will be coming soon. We'll be building it on our new MMO Lab game engine, in consultation with the original players.
We'll have the MMO Lab Forum up and running soon, where you can keep up to date with all the latest information and view concept art and mock ups. You'll also be able to chat with us and the other developers using the MMO Lab platform for their own games.
Don't miss any of the latest Chosen Space news. Follow our Twitter account @TheMMOLab

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Player Quotes
"I have never played a game where you could do anything you wanted. There were always rules or objectives to achieve, but with this one you can do whatever you want!" cptharley

"This is a game where you have to think and interact with real people. You can play the game any way you want. There is no set objective, you make your own. The game also doesn't reset every 30 days or so like other browser based games. I'm hooked!" Iron Jack Flint

"I am totally addicted to this game. I play Halo as well, and I find myself wanting to play this game more often that the one I paid for" Cpt_Morgan

"This game is very addicting, very socialable and one of the best browser based game. You can be Trader, Miner, Pirate, Shipyard builder, Bounty hunter, And many other things.You can Lead faction make loyal friend this game is growing daily." Avater

"This game isn't about 3D graphics or fast action. It's about interacting with people. Quite playing with pixels and start playing with real people!" TheWal

"Chosen Space is an amazing game and no one should miss out on the playing experience" m0neybags

"This is an excellent online game. All sorts of things going on, and plenty of room for expansion. Highly recommended to anyone who likes online galactic games." cptharley

"This game is one of the few games that I can sit down and play for hours on end, or only a few minutes a day and still feel fufilled..." Count

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